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Welcome to the Inspire Travel Blog, a space where we will periodically inform you about some of the places we visit, work we are proud of, and interesting happenings in Brasil.

Award-winning Conservation

Thursday, January 30 2020

Recently two of the staff members of the Golden Lion Tamarin Association received the Disney Conservation Fund 2019 Heroes Award. In Portuguese, the name of the association is the Associação Mico Leão Dourado (AMLD). Following is ...

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No more Visas!

Tuesday, October 15 2019

The only Visa you need now for your trip to Brazil is your credit card! As of June 17, 2019, the Brazilian government no longer requires American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens to have a visa. For trips longer than 90 days, or if someone is interested in living or ...

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Razões Africanas @ Trapiche Gamboa

Thursday, December 20 2018

A must-do in Rio is going out for at least one evening of live Brazilian music. Set in a 19th century former mansion in the bohemian neighborhood of Gamboa is Trapiche Gamboa. On Thursday nights, the female singers and accompanying percussionists from Razões Africanas (African ...

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Unforgettable Meal in Iguassu Falls

Wednesday, October 03 2018

The awe-inspiring Iguassu Falls, the widest waterfalls in the world and located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, draw people from all over the world. While the falls are a natural highlight not to be missed, the town is not known for its restaurant selection. ...

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Passing the day in Paquetá (Rio)

Saturday, March 24 2018

The city of Rio sits on the Atlantic Ocean and the Guanabara Bay, a large bay spanning 18 miles in width at its largest point. That bay is dotted by small islands. Paquetá is one of those islands in the bay. For visitors who have already been to Rio or will be here for an ...

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Feira: First stop in the morning

Sunday, September 17 2017

One of the best things to do while in Brazil is a morning visit to a local feira. A feira (or fair, in English) is an outdoor market, usually set up in a square or street closed to traffic where local vendors set up their stalls of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and more. Some ...

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Visiting Manaus

Wednesday, February 08 2017

Last week we traveled up to Manaus, located in the north of Brazil, to prepare some things for a university group traveling there in a few months. It had been a few years since we were last there and were pleasently surprised by the improvements. ...

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The Ver-o-Peso Market in Belem, Para

Sunday, January 29 2017

Visiting my family in Belem in the north of Brazil brings back lots of memories from my childhood. I used to spent my school breaks with the only grandpa I knew. I still remember the smell of fresh fish brought by my aunts and uncles early in the morning to be prepared by my ...

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Warming up for carnival

Sunday, January 08 2017

After new years in Rio, all the attention goes to the next big event in the city: Carnival. By then all the samba schools have their song and theme ready to promote to their fans. In the months before carnival, the samba schools promote shows at their headquarters to help raise ...

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Afternoon visit to Obra do Berço

Friday, January 06 2017

Today Inspire Travel helped facilitate an afternoon visit to Obra do Berço for an education professor and her students from a United States university. Obra do Berço is an orphanage and school in Rio. They have 120 children ...

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