Passing the day in Paquetá (Rio)

Saturday, March 24 2018

The city of Rio sits on the Atlantic Ocean and the Guanabara Bay, a large bay spanning 18 miles in width at its largest point. That bay is dotted by small islands. Paquetá is one of those islands in the bay. For visitors who have already been to Rio or will be here for an extended period, consider a guided visit to Paquetá, which can be reached by ferry boat from downtown Rio. The ride takes about an hour. Once on Paquetá, you will see that there are no cars on the island. Today its approx 3,000 inhabitants get around on foot, bike or electric carts. Life moves at a slow pace and it a quiet alternative to the mainland of Rio. Explore the island on an electric cart or bike to see some of the highlights, enjoy a relaxing lunch and some time at leisure before returning by ferry.

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